Innocent Until Proven Guilty ?

by Thomas Schwarz

Friday, 12th February 99

The following is an open letter to Kevin Ward, Director of CAA NZ

Regarding: Conditions imposed on my CPL(Helicopter)

Dear Kevin,

Does the above headline, the highest law principle in modern western society, apply to the CAA in New Zealand or is the CAA(NZ) above the law?

Yesterday I was faxed a note informing me the following condition has been posted on my CPL(H):

"The holder shall not act as pilot on operations involving the external carriage of a person suspended below the helicopter��.."

also in the same fax you assured me that:

"� I am satisfied that you have failed to comply with the requirements of subsection 12(2) and 12(3) of the Act."

The above statement is an entirely false accusation and the restriction extremely discriminating and offensive. I have not conducted any flights for the Rack Adventure Company, involving human sling loads.

The above restriction will have a negative influence on contractors, who might use Helistar Helicopters or me personally to conduct human sling load operations (e.g Police Work, Search and Rescue, Powerline work, etc), which could result in a severe loss of revenue.

I therefore demand the restrictions on my CPL to be removed immediately (or alternatively to impose the same restrictions on every CPL holder in New Zealand, which wouldn't make it right either, but at least create a level playing field for everyone).


Yours ,

Thomas Schwarz

(General Manager - Helistar Helicopters Ltd.)


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