Eviction from Aviation House

by Fransje van Hoppe

Wednesday, 10th Feb

I paid a visit to Aviation House (Civil Aviation Authorities' building in Lower Hutt) while on a personal trip to Wellington. I thought it might be a good opportunity to see what progress was being made on the up and coming Adventure Aviation rules that have been in the writing process since July 1994. A fairly legitimate reason I would have thought...

Thanks to the staff there that took the time to talk with me and explain how things were going, and the processes involved. Unfortunately there was an employee there that was not so welcoming and (without speaking to me himself) asked one of his colleagues to ask me to leave.

"There is someone here that is uncomfortable with your presence here, in light of the situation it might be a good idea if you leave"

A wee touch of irony was felt, since the enforcement team member that was so upset spent the past week at the Helistar Helicopters base with our blessing and co-operation. I know the raid didn't go so well, but do you really have to take things so personally?

I left without protest thinking the hospitality there was far below average and bitterly disappointed at the obstruction to information regarding rules that are very relevant to my line of work.



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