The undercover Police Raid

by Bevan Thomas

Sunday 7th Feb

A very eventful day today with Rob and Rod from CAA attempting to carry out orders to seize The Rack™ equipment, even to the extent of using undercover cops ( not the police, though they were there they were not very interested in doing much) anyway the Cafe staff were annoyed as all their customers thought it was a raid and left, though one was discovered in the Toilet by the undercover man, I think he was looking for me but I wasn't there.

I am really angry with the way we are being treated, never has anyone asked or agreed to sit round a table and discuss the issues reasonably and professionally. It does not do the image of CAA any good at all to be seen as an old boys bully club and its unfortunate so many of you who are doing a great job (including Rob and Rod) are branded by a few rotten apples in the Market grove barrel. We continue to pray and trust God for guidance on this matter as always and I will keep you all informed as opportunity presents itself.

By an extraordinary sequence of events we managed to control the situation and the CAA have left empty handed, we still have the Rack equipment. This is extremely important, they know that if they get the equipment they can stop the Rack, so, we have many back up plans but only the Boss above saved us from that last event - incredible timing and a marvellous Rack Master, Glenn Abel a very capable situationally aware key crew member who with the rest of us make a fantastic team.

The Rack™ is operating !.

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