Scenic Flights around the Taupo Area


A great introduction to Helicopter Flying! See the Huka Falls, Craters Of The Moon, Alum Lakes and the Wairakei Park cruising at 200 km/h with all-round visibility and get the feeling.

Allow 10 minutes NZ$ 75.- per person


Extension of the HUKA BY HELICOPTER - flight to include the highlight of our longer local flights: Mount Tauhara - resident Volcano of Taupo.

Allow 15 minutes NZ$ 110.- per person


On our most popular flight, see the Huka Falls, Craters of the Moon, Alum Lakes, fly inside the old crater of Mount Tauhara and view the AraTiaTia Rapids from the air. You won't forget this experience!!!

Allow 20 minutes NZ$ 145.- per person


For those who can't get enough, we will fly you to Lake Rotokawa and view the dark mud pools hovering in the steam. Then over the top of Mount Tauhara across the lake to the Maori Rock Carvings. On our way back to the Huka Falls we will pass the Craters of the Moon, the Alum Lakes and the steam field of the Wairakei Power Station.

Allow 30 minutes NZ$ 225.- per person


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