Photographic Safari Adventures

with Alpha Hunting Safaris

From Taupo take a spectacular helicopter flight over the Volcanoes of the Tongariro National Park and land on a remote bush block to stalk and photograph Red Deer with a personal guide.

Majestic trophy stags can be photographed by anyone with a camera and an inclination for adventure.

Prices on Application

Contact the Manager

[email protected]

Hunting & Fishing

Hunting and Fishing trips into the Kaimanawa Ranges for Red & Sika Deer or Rainbow & Brown Trout

Ngaruroro River please Gold creek area
Waiau River ask Head waters area
Mangamaire River for an Rangitikei head waters
Taruarau River acurate below Gentle Annie
Whakatane River Quote Head waters area
Hunting & Fishing Guides from $450 per day


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