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Robert Lilburn

General Manager
Chief Pilot
Bruce Lilburn

Helistar Helicopters has been operating since 1991. Currently it operates a Bell Jetranger and a Hughes 300, giving Helistar the flexibility to tackle a wide range of work. Specializing in scenic flights and executive charter, we also tackle a variety of aerial work including filming and photography, lifting, goat culling, weed control, fire fighting and frost control. In the event that we can't do a job for you, we will find someone that can.

Our goal at Helistar is to exceed your expectations. The versatility of helicopters allows them a flexibility that only the imagination can limit. Our pilots are passionate and knowledgeable about the region - don't hesitate to ask questions during your flight, we want you to have fun, discover what makes Taupo special and maybe even learn something....


Safety around Helicopters

Helicopter Safety Zones

Do not approach or leave without the pilot's knowledge and clearance. Keep in the pilot's field of vision. Observe the Helicopter Safety Zone diagram (above).

On sloping ground always approach or leave on the downslope side for maximum rotor clearance.

If blinded by swirling dust or grit, STOP - crouch lower or sit down and await assistance.

Approach in a crouching manner for extra rotor clearance. Hold onto hat unless chin straps are used. Never never reach up or chase after a hat or other articles that blow away.

Carry tools, equipment, etc. horizontally below waist level - never upright or on the shoulder.