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Begin your Ironman adventure by jumping at one of New Zealand's most spectacular Bungy sites 47 metres (154 ft) above the crystal clear waters of the Waikato River.  Taupo Bungy has performed over 85,000 jumps gaining a worldwide reputation for its safety standards and professionalism.  Our highly trained crew can offer you solo jumps, tandem jumps or for the ultimate adrenaline rush "water touches".

Jump with Taupo Bungy as part of "The Ultimate Adventure Package" or independently.  By showing your competitor/crew ID you will be entitled to discounts on photos, videos and t-shirts. 

For enquires phone Taupo Bungy: 0800 888 408 or 07 377 1135

Now it's time to join us in Paddlers Paradise on the magical Waikato river with Bruce Webber Adventures. We will spend about 1 hour on the river enjoying the magic of the crystal clear waters of the Waikato river experience the thrill of the rock jump , the excitement of the swing , the relaxation of the natural hot spring then to finish with an easy little rapid.

Bruce Webber Adventures is the supplier of kayaks for the swim leg of the Iron Man and should any competitors need kayak support for training sessions on the lake we can supply paddlers to assist you please call for more details.

Alternatively you can join our kayak trip as above on its own, get a group of friends together and call:

0800 KAYAKN (0800 529 256)   or  07- 377 1236.

Helicopters offer you a birdseye view of the volcanic area around Taupo. We fly with you over Huka Falls, hover next to the boiling mud pools and show you otherwise inaccessible colourful lakes. The flight time is about 10 minutes and we will drop you off at Huka Jet.

If you don't want to do the whole package there are numerous other flights available, including trips to the active Volcanoes Ruapehu and Tarawera. Discounts are available with your Ironman Athletes or Supporter card.

Fly the course of the race before or on race-day: A 30min flight following the course and including all the other scenic features of our flights for a special rate of $ 150.- pp. A minimum of 4 passengers is required.

For all enquiries phone:  0800 55 44 22    or    07- 374 8405

Huka Jet will give you so much fun and exhilaration on one half hour of awesome Jetboating that will take you close to the world renowned Huka Falls. The action you'll experience with our 360�  spins, sliding past cliffs and through tree tunnels with centimetres to spare, amidst the beautiful river environments, is not to be  missed.

If all you have time for is a Huka-Jet ride, please call reservations on:

0800 48 52 53   or    07- 374 8572.

Then... after all that action and excitement, enjoy a peaceful lunch. Prawn Park is adjacent to Huka Jet, right on the edge of the Waikato River. Upon presentation of your voucher you will have the choice of a variety of delicious lunch dishes (prawnless meals are available !)

Even without the Adventure Package you can still enjoy Prawn Park. Just show your competitor /crew ID and you will be entitled to the following great offers:

A fascinating half hour tour of the Prawn Farm including geothermal steam demonstrations and aquarium displays - you can even hand feed the prawns.  Normally $6.00 per person. Ironman rate $4.80 per person. Tours run on the hour from 11.00am to 4.00pm. A complimentary glass of wine , beer or juice with every delicious main meal served in our Prawn Works Bar and Grill.

Open from 9.00am to 5.00pm daily.

For group bookings in the evening phone:  07- 374 8474

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